PTC Enterprises is a business consulting practice that helps organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational bottlenecks and the development of plans for improvement. What sets this practice from all the rest is it's unique approach with people, nogotiation, and relationship management.

We partner with each business in a very unique and flexible manner. Our goal is to establish an ongoing working relationship with your business and employees so that we can pivot and anticipate your changing business needs effectively and productively. PTC Enterprises is all about partnership and collaboration. We offer corporate caliber talent with a much more person-centered and thoughtful approach to driving change and maximizing your organization's growth. In summary, PTC Enterprises provides relationship management, negotiation, and business process expertise.



  • Analyzing business process for increased productivity & revenue


  • Developing relationships, negotiating & resolving conflict

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Clinical expertise and unique intuition about people allowed PTC Enterprises to provide insights and ideas that many IT professions would not be capable of when implementing and configuring an Electronic Health Record.

PTC Enterprises bridged the gap between IT and end users, we worked well together and found ways to improve the system, meet the company's business objectives and satisfy state and federal regulations.

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