Hiring Small Businesses and Solopreneurs

Do you support small businesses and entrepreneurs? Here's 4 Reasons to consider my services over a larger company:

1. Community well-being - Locally owned and smaller businesses help build strong communities by linking local business of different niche and target audiences together. We build economic and social relationships within our community, by doing business with the same individuals that do business with us.

2. Keeping your money in the local economy - As a small business owner, I am more likely to recycle revenue back into my local community and buinesses than larger companies. Simply put, I enjoy going out to eat and shop just like everyone else, so I'm likely to shop local.

3. Decision making stays local - Small business owners are able to feel the direct impact of their business decisions. We are well-suited to make choices that positively affect everyone and can pivot much faster than a larger company.

4. Inspiration is contagious - Successful small business owners are proof that with enough preparation and drive, anyone can prepare well for opportunity and self-direct their career.

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