Being "psychologically thoughtful" when changing business process

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Presenting the "Change Curve"

Employees are usually aware of upcoming changes to process or technology, and often times are trained in the new systems and processes. But how often are they prepared for the psychological implications of upcoming changes. Planning ahead and being upfront about the psychological impact of future changes gives employees visibility into into new times and reduces uncertainty. It also creates a sense of comradery among those facing similar impact. Creating a culture of care, honesty, and transparency makes people want to grow and continue working for you.

The Change Curve is a tool commonly referred to in coorporate change management plans, but lends well to smaller businesses. Think about it... one out of ten employees performing poorly at work in a smaller business could be far more impactful than a few employees in a larger coorporation doing the same, depending of course on the critical nature of the role. Incorporating psychological impact tools and assessments in your business process change plan makes transition more efficient and let's your employees know you care.

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