The KnowFalls system - a fall prevention solution


I am the proud Cofounder and Director of Partner Success for KnowFalls. KnowFalls is fall prevention solution for integrators, hospitals, and health systems that seek to reduce expenses incurred from patient falls and promote safer facilities for patients who are a fall risk. As a team of 11, we are bringing technology to market that can passively monitor patients for anomalies in movement and alert responders before the patient falls. Our fall prevention system can integrate with your current VPO or video management system.

  • Our AI model automates the process of gaining situational awareness allowing nursing stations to passively monitor multiple patients while performing the many duties they are already responsible for. It also allowing a patient observer to focus on more cameras at one, bringing significant cost savings to hospitals by eliminating the need for 1-to-1 supervision.

  • Once our software determines an event is occurring, it begins recording and transmitting an alert to responders or a patient observer. The recipient of the alert can respond directly or alert someone else to respond. The responder can establish a two-way audio-video with the camera to redirect the patient. The entire event is recorded, offering a robust audit trail.


  • KnowFalls Automated Virtual Patient Observation (VPO) System - a turnkey solution, as shown in Exhibit 1, integrating the KnowFalls Automated VPO Software System with all necessary hardware - cameras, video management system, display, etc.

  • KnowFalls Automated VPO Software System - a bundled software system for integration with recommended cameras, video management system, display, etc.

  • KnowFalls Fall Prevention Processor - an AI based system for detecting and alerting caregivers of a patient's risky bed behavior. It is designed to upgrade and be easily installed within a hospital's existing VPO.

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